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Light freight

Converting a car to light freight has several advantages.

  • No registration tax

  • Reduced driving tax (depending on EU standard)

  • 100% tax deductible

  • VAT for 100% refundable
No SG&A or very low

Which cars can be converted?

Almost all station wagons/SUVs and a large number of hatchback cars (Golf, Mercedes A-class)

There are of course some brands that DO NOT give permission for conversion in Belgium. However, for those who want this, we also have a solution.

Different finishes can be offered. Recently we added our Woodcrafted floor to the range of services.
You can choose between different colours of formica, where we mill out a stylish pattern for the anti-slip strips.

A luxurious finish for your luxury car!

Contact us and indicate the desired specific model you wish to convert and we will get back to you with the possibilities/price.

Contact us regarding light freight