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Dutry & Cars was founded at the end of 2011. The manager, Roderick Dutry, completed his studies at the noteworthy Driebergen - Business school. It was that school that gave rise to the start-up of the company, as they are reputable suppliers of entrepreneurs/sellers in the automotive industry.

In 2011, the tax regulations for vehicles in Belgium were changed. Registration tax was now calculated on the basis of CO² and not just on capacity. Finally, the compact sports cars became more affordable, which was also my idea for the company. The first two years we operated under the name Hothatchcenter but experience taught us that this name did not sound very great so we changed it to Dutry & Cars.

Dutry & Cars specializes in sporty compact cars (HotHatchbacks, hence our first name), conversion to light freight, car delivery on request and performance adjustments.
After 6 years we have managed to grow into a small specialized company that is known all over Belgium for the conversion to light freight. We sell more than 50 vehicles and convert over 70 vehicles per year, but we still try to put the customer first.

Since 2015, the business has been run together with Lisa Verkinderen who focuses on administration, allowing the manager to focus on purchase/sales & after-sales and the ever-growing demand for delivery of cars on request.

In honour of the Gentleman's fair, we launch our unique conversion completely made of exclusive wood/teak style. This allows luxury cars that have been converted for tax reasons to retain their luxurious character.


Roderick Dutry


Roderick Dutry


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Lisa Verkinderen


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