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  • Art. 1: Each sale takes place under the special conditions stated below. Only these are valid and by the fact of his order the buyer acknowledges to behave according to these conditions.
  • Art. 2: Each order form signed by the customer irrevocably binds them, except for the exceptions provided by law.
  • Art. 3: Delivery times are given for informational purposes only and cannot be considered binding. Late delivery or execution can under no circumstances give rise to any damage claimed by the buyer. Under no circumstances does late delivery entail the destruction of the placed order.
  • Art. 4: Complaints regarding the goods delivered or performances performed must be made in writing by registered letter within 8 days after delivery. Any late complaint is inadmissible. The amount on the invoice as well as the payment methods remain unchanged in the event of a complaint, unless with prior written agreement.
  • Art. 5: Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all invoices must be paid upon collection of the goods without discount. From the due date of the invoice, the amount due will automatically and without prior notice of default yield an interest of 12% per year.
  • Art. 6: In the event of non-payment on the due date due to negligence or unwillingness, the amount due will be increased by operation of law and without prior notice of default by 12% with a minimum of 125 € by way of conventional compensation.
  • Art. 7: The general sales conditions stated by the customer on the order form are not accepted by us unless these general sales conditions are included and stated.
  • Art. 8: The guarantee never covers the maintenance, regulation, adjustment and other adjustments necessary for normal use of the vehicle. The guarantee will only take effect insofar as the buyer has the normal maintenance of the vehicle (oil change, lubrication, adjustment, etc.) carried out and provides proof thereof. The guarantee does not apply if the vehicle has been damaged in an accident or if repairs or modifications have been carried out outside our own workshops or in workshops approved by us. The guarantee also does not apply in the event of negligence on the part of the buyer or lack of maintenance, abnormal or incorrect use, the use of inappropriate products or products of poor quality. Excluded from the guarantee is also damage that the vehicle may incur due to freezing weather or other bad weather conditions. All work in execution of the guarantee must, after mutual determination and by prior agreement, only be carried out in our own workshops or in a workshop approved by us, where the buyer must bring the vehicle or have it brought at his expense. All costs incurred outside our workshops and without prior registered letter addressed to us, will always be borne by the buyer.
  • Art. 9: Warranty / guarantee expires if the vehicle is not used for its intended purposes. Circuit use or closed public road with circuit character will invalidate the warranty.
  • Art. 10: Our prices and catalogs have been drawn up for information only and cannot be considered binding.
  • Art. 11: In the event of a dispute, only the courts in the district of Kortrijk have jurisdiction.
  • Art. 12: The shipment of the goods, even carriage paid, is at the risk of the recipient
  • Art. 13: Cars are driven under the responsibility of the customer.
  • Art. 14: In all circumstances and in deviation from article 1583 of the Civil Code, the ownership of the sold goods is only transferred to the customer after full payment of the agreed price.

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